Air Pollution

How to protect your kids from air pollution?

How to protect your kids from air pollution

Air pollution is a rising concern in almost every city. The degrading air quality poses a threat to the health of people of all age groups. Though air pollution spares no one, however, studies have suggested that children are more vulnerable to air pollution than any other age group. Not just outdoor, but indoor air is highly polluted, which makes it important to take the right steps to keep your kids safe. If you are concerned about keeping your kids safe from pollution, the blog is for you. Read on to find out how to deal with air pollution and keep your kids safe.

Why Children Suffer more from Air Pollution?

The defense mechanisms of kids are not fully developed, which makes them vulnerable to health risks.  Children have a respiratory system that is yet to be developed fully. Consequently, their lungs can’t filter all the pollutants present in the air to the extent of an adult. The faster breathing rate of children is also another reason why children are affected by air pollution. The fine particles present in the air easily enter their airways and irritate their lungs. Also, they have an underdeveloped immune system, which makes it very difficult for them to fight against air pollution.  They are unable to counteract the ills of air pollution are hence fall in its trap more easily.

How Bad is Air Pollution for your Kids?

Air pollution increases the chances of respiratory problems among children. Air pollution also results in reduced body development and stunted growth. The situation is even more worsening among kids who are already suffering from asthma as air pollution aggravates this condition. In addition, air pollution has a negative effect on their nervous system.

Top 5 tips to Protect your Kids from Air Pollution

Now, here comes the most important question. How can you protect your little ones from the harmful effects of air pollution? Let us have a quick glance at some measures that can prove to be beneficial.

Don’t let Children Play when Pollution is High

Physical activity

Timing is what matters when air pollution is so high. Don’t allow your children to go out when the pollution level is at its peak. Even when going out, make sure that they wear a face mask. This will enable them to breathe in air that is less polluted.

Proper Diet

Balanced diet

Studies have shown that foods rich in both vitamin C and E can counteract the ill-effects of air pollution. These food items act as antioxidants and thoroughly cleanse the body, especially the airways. Citrus fruits, almonds, green leafy vegetables, raw seeds are some of the foods that are rich in vitamin C and E.

Use Air Purifiers

Indoor air pollution poses a higher risk than outdoor pollution. To check indoor air quality, you need to install HEPA air purifier that catches and traps the harmful pollutants such as dust, PM 2.5 and carcinogen agents from the indoor air.

Keep your Children Fit

Regular exercising and other physical activities boost the immune system of kids and improve their chances to fight air pollution.


Kids need special care and attention in the growing years to stay healthy and safe from diseases. Without taking the right steps, your kids may be exposed to toxic air that can lead to some serious health problems like asthma or respiratory illnesses. The points mentioned above will help you keep your little one safe from the negative effects of air pollution.