Air Pollution

Mother-to-be, beware! Air pollution can cause abnormal foetal development

air pollution may cause abnormal foetal development

Pregnancy for any women is special. It is a period where a mother-to-be not just takes care of her own body but also looks out for another tiny life growing inside her body. Not just her but the entire circle of family and friends come together to keep the mother-to-be and the baby safe and healthy in every sense. Consuming nutritious food and exercising on a regular basis are two of the main things kept in mind when taking care of a mother-to-be. But a lot of us miss out on a very crucial issue that can cause damage to the life growing inside her – the air surrounding her.

Today, environmental effects are causing more health issues than ever before. Air pollution is as harmful to a mother-to-be as it is for the baby inside. Whether she steps out or stays at home, polluted air is everywhere in the form of outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution. It is extremely important for a mother-to-be to take the right measures in order to protect her baby from air pollution.

How does air pollution affect unborn babies?

Exposure to vehicle’s smoke, industrial smoke, hazardous air particles such as PM (Particulate Matter), tobacco smoke and natural climatic factors such as smog can adversely affect the health of a pregnant women and the baby inside.

What the mother-to-be breathes in during her pregnancy affects not just her circulatory system but also the foetus’ circulatory system. The circulatory system constantly adapts to the habit she adopts in daily life, and air pollution can cause disruption to this process leading to abnormal foetal development. During pregnancy, the circulatory system supplies adequate blood flow for the foetal growth & development. Exposure to air pollutants contract or squeeze the blood vessels, slowing the process of oxygen and nutrients reaching the foetus, resulting in poor foetal growth.

Steps to Save Your Baby from Indoor Air Pollution

While we do take precautions when it comes to saving ourselves from outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution is something most people brush off as something very insignificant. And this is even more dangerous during pregnancy as we believe that our home is a safe place for the mother-to-be and the baby growing inside her. Here are some ways in which you can prevent indoor air pollution from affecting a pregnant women and the baby.

Use an Air Purifier during pregnancy

Air Purifiers add a layer of protection to your home with technology that filters and cleanses harmful particulate matter which consist of both smoke and dust particles. Invest in a good HEPA air purifier or Ozone air purifier to protect mother-to-be and the baby from harmful effects of indoor air pollution.

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Avoid Combustion and Emission of Fumes

Smoking of tobacco, burning of fossil fuels, use of gas kitchen stove are some of the ways in which you generate carbon monoxide nitrogen dioxide gases inside your home. You must avoid using smoke-related products at home at all costs, especially around a pregnant woman.

Go Green 

There are several indoor air purifying plants available in the market. You must invest in these tiny green friends that will not just purify the air but will also add a touch of natural beauty to your home.

Follow these easy tips to ensure your little one grows healthy inside the womb and stays healthy once outside.