Air Pollution

Beware! Air Pollution May Be Affecting your Child’s Development

Air Pollution May be Affecting Your Child Development

Air pollution has a negative impact on people of all age groups. However, air pollution poses a greater threat to children than adults. Their bodies are still in the developing stage, making children more vulnerable to the adverse effects of both indoor and outdoor air pollution. Not just physical but air pollution has an impact on their intellectual development. Let us find out how air pollution affects the growth and development of children and the necessary steps to follow to keep them safe.

Why Children are at a Higher Risk?

So, why does air pollution affect children more than adults? The reason is the lungs of children are not completely matured as compared to an adult. This is the reason why kids inhale more air per kilograms as compared to adults. The breathing rate is rapid in children than adults, which clearly indicates that children will inhale more pollutants at a faster rate in comparison to adults.

Effects of Air Pollution on Child Development

Children are very sensitive, and their bodies are not strong enough to fight poor air quality. Continuous exposure to air pollution severely affects their growth. Here are some possible effects of air pollution on child development:

  • Air pollution slows down the rate of growth and development in kids. If children are exposed to air pollution for a long time, it may hamper their lungs development.
  • Air pollution reduces lung capacity of kids as there are many harmful toxins present in the air that cause allergies and infections
  • Long-term exposure in air pollution can aggravate cases of asthma or cystic fibrosis.
  • The harmful air pollutants not only affect the respiratory systems of the kids but also their nervous system. Lead, the most common air pollutant, causes stunted cognitive development of a child

How to Decrease Air Pollution

Below mentioned are the ways to decrease air pollution to keep your kids safe.

Stay Indoor

Stay Indoors

One of the best ways to keep your children safe from pollution is by limiting their exposure to air pollution. Do not allow kids to go out when the pollution is at a peak.

Keep Home Clean

Deep clean your home regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. Also, ensure that the paints that you use do not contain any harmful chemicals that emit toxic fumes.

Limit Outdoor Activities

Make sure your kids are not outside during peak air pollution hours. Ozone levels are often higher in the afternoon to early evening.

Use Face Mask

Face mask
Face mask

If children need to go outside, you need to buy a good face mask for them to protect them for air pollution.

Healthy Diet

Balanced diet

A proper balanced diet and nutrition will help kids stay healthy and lower the risk of getting any ailments. If your child is not well and suffering from any lung infection of lung diseases, make sure they get timely treatment and medicines.

Physical Activities

Physical activity

Make sure your children are engaged in some physical activities. This will increase their lung strength and maintain the cardiovascular system.

Install Air Purifier

The most ideal approach to ensure that your children are safe inside your home is to install an air purifier. You can buy HEPA air purifiers, which are very effective in removing 99.7% of harmful air pollutants from the air.

Children are the lifeline of home and protecting them from any harmful disease is the prime responsibility of a parent. Air pollution is a serious concern that affects young kids most because of their weak growing bodies. An ideal way to reduce air pollution inside your home is to bring the best air purifier in the home such as HEPA air purifier and take proper care of what they eat and drink.