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World Asthma Day 2018: Raise Awareness To Control Airway Disease

World-Asthma-Day 2018

World Asthma Day is widely celebrated throughout the world with an aim to spread the knowledge about it. This event is also annually organized in order to increase awareness and make the common mass understand the precautions and preventions of asthma. Celebrated at the 1st Tuesday of the month of May, World Asthma Day 2018 has a theme that is Never Too Early, Never Too Late. It explains that it is always the right time to check and put a halt to airways diseases. The theme states the process to evaluate symptoms of asthma at the early stage and take actions to make sure that it is controlled.

Keeping this in mind, various health care professionals and even healthcare organizations take part educating people by showing activities related to asthma at public places. They also conduct street shows related to asthma diseases in order to let people know how it is caused and what they can do to control it. As per WHO, 235 million of people suffer from asthma and they can be suffering from wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing. Asthma cannot be cured, but it is possible to control it.

Objectives of Asthma Day

World Asthma Day is celebrated every year comes up with different objectives and these are mentioned below:

  • To let people understand how asthma is caused
  • Highlight the meaning of asthma, strategies explaining how to control it
  • Identify the patient for accurate treatment of primary or secondary level of asthma
  • Reduce the death rates caused by the asthma
  • Making people comprehend that pollution and smoking is the main cause of asthma

To meet these objectives, it is very important that people primarily get educated about this disease. For this, the healthcare organizations can start by creating an advertisement about Asthma. The influencers can also reach to remote areas and educate people about the disease and make them understand the concept of asthma control. You can also educate the children by displaying the asthma information, treatment and the measures to control it.

Asthma is an airway disease, so it is very important to understand that the air you breathe should be pure and fresh. It is understood that you cannot control the outdoor atmosphere, but it is very much possible that you can control the indoor air and that is by using an air purifier. Yes, by using an air purifier, you can remove all the impurities present in the air and can even trap PM 2.5 pollute particles and make the air fresh to breathe in.

So, why to take a risk, when you can control asthma ahead of time!