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Why do you need an Air Purifier for Home?

need an air purifier for home

Most of the people take the air that they breathe for granted, but are not aware that the quality of air can have a massive impact on their health. We all are exposed to polluted air, but the impact depends on many factors such as age, immunity, health etc. No one is aware that how much polluted air can they tolerate? The solution to this problem can be best resolved by being well-informed. The matter of the fact is that indoor air quality is much worse than outdoors and air purifier for home is the best way to cure it.

An air purifier is an effective and cost efficient way to clean the indoor air. It is an intelligent investment in your health, which can help you in removing dangerous contaminants, allergens, foul smell, bacteria, and viruses.

How does an Air Purifier for Home works?

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Air purifiers start their purification process by passing air through filters, which traps small particles, thereby removing them from the air. These purifying filters come in a trio and work with one another:


This is the first filter in an air purifier for home that the air will encounter as it passes through it. It traps and removes larger particles before they reach the inner filters of the purifier. Pre-filters or primary filters come with holes larger than a micron, which will stop only the larger particles. The pre-filters in air purification systems rarely need any replacement as they act as the first line of defense to protect the other two filters.

Carbon filters

Having passed through the pre-filter, the air passing through the air purifier for home will next have to pass through a carbon filter. An activated carbon filter absorbs airborne chemicals and odors such as paint fumes, cooking odors and foul smell. These filters work in a slightly different way; rather than blocking the unwanted substances by casting a net over them, the filter uses activated carbon to draw unwanted substances to trap them.

HEPA filter

Having passed through the pre-filter and the activated carbon filter, the air now has to pass through a much superior filter, known as the High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor, or HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is able to stop even the finest, most invisible airborne particles. It traps and removes PM 2.5 particles or particulate matter 2.5 particles, cigarette smell to provide you with purified air.

Why do you need an Air Purifier?

Here we bring you the top 5 reasons that should help you understand the need to purify your air:

  • An air purifier will help you to avoid developing any medical problem associated with air pollution. The harmful diseases associated with air pollution includes asthma, allergies, emphysema and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Pure and healthy air will retain more energy and help you to focus on your work and home activities. Polluted air makes your lungs and the rest of your body weaker, work harder, thus reducing your overall energy level.
  • Breathing pure air will allow your body to work better, which will lead to better oxygen absorption by your brain. This will help you to stay mentally keen and more energetic.
  • The air purification systems help in removing pet dander. Studies have shown that pets hair (of cats, dogs, birds, etc.) are one of the primary contributors to indoor air pollution. Many people develop allergies due to the saliva, urine, and sweat of pets. You still might be interested in keeping your pets due to the affection you have, but then install an air purifier for home, which will purify your indoor air.
  • Lastly, prevention is the best medicine. Children and elderly folks are highly vulnerable to lung diseases, which can be worsened by indoor air pollution. Air purifier for home can help you to reduce the medical costs by keeping you and your family healthy.

Which Air purifier should I choose?

To decide which air purification system to buy, you will need to consider the amount of air that it can purify, advanced HEPA filter (with 99.9% efficiency), and the CADR of the device. Buy an air purifier for your home keeping all these factors in mind to notice a difference in the air you breathe in your home.

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