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What Is the Connection Between Climate Change and Air Pollution?

Climate change and air pollution

Climate change and air pollution – the duo that is causing chaos on earth at an ever-increasing pace. While they might seem like only slightly connected to each other, the truth is they are interconnected to a great extent. In order to understand how air pollution and climate change are connected to each other and how together they are causing more harm than we can comprehend, it is important to first understand what they are in their spaces. Let’s know about climate change and air pollution as separate entities first.

The variation in the earth’s climate triggered by natural sources or actions of human beings is known as climate change. Its consequences are manifold, almost all of them affecting the earth in a negative manner, eventually causing havoc for humans. The presence of pollutants in the air that can instigate health and other problems for living beings is called air pollution. Air pollution is not just limited to outdoors, the levels have gone so high that even our homes are not safe due to indoor air pollution.

Relationship between and Air Pollution and Climate Change

Air pollution and climate change are not just connected at a level of causing harm but also connected at a level of initiation. There are caused by many reasons but some of these reasons are similar. Our current energy model of increase in harmful emissions, burning of fuels and production of other pollutants are a cause for both climate change and air pollution.

The next connection between climate change and air pollution is the consequences they entail. Both cause deaths – climate change results in droughts, floods, deforestation, while air pollution causes diseases that result in death. The third connection is the interlinking of these two dangers. The more the air is polluted, the more it adds to climate change becoming worse.

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The Change 

In order to stop or at least slowdown climate change and air pollution, we need to be responsible in our usage of energy. Some of the ways to reduce air pollution are planting more trees, using public transport, energy-efficient bulbs, switch of unused electricity, and buying electronics with Energy Star labels.

Apart from making changes in your daily life, it is also important to take care of air pollution inside your home. The best way to get rid of indoor air pollution is by investing in a good air purifier. There are a number of air purifiers available in the market that are designed for different needs. Check out the range of HEPA air purifiers and ozone air purifiers and make the right choice for your home.

Last Few Words

You need to bring a change in your own lifestyle to create a change in the environment for your future generation. The time is now. Do your bit to save the planet and minimize the man-made causes of growing these foes of earth.