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Trap Small Pollutant Particles from Air with HEPA Air Purifier

Air pollution in India is considered as a serious issue and it is caused from different sources and these are fuel adulteration, traffic congestion, vehicle emission and many others particulate pollution. These are outdoor air pollution, but, do you know compared to outdoor pollution, indoor air pollution is very dangerous. Regular exposure to such particulate matter for a long time can easily lead to harmful problems to your body. One can face respiratory and cardiovascular diseases like asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis and etc. To make sure that you remain safe from such diseases, you need to at least make the air inside your room pure and that is possible if you use HEPA air purifier.

Know what is HEPA Air Purifier?


Air purifiers are described to be the great way to clean the air and make it pure so that you can breathe dust free air. Air purifiers that come with HEPA filter that helps in removing all the allergens and other particles from the indoor air and let you stay free from cardiovascular diseases. A HEPA filter has a ultra-fine mesh that easily catches 99.7 % of all particles that are even 0.3 microns or smaller. The mentioned filter can also trap tobacco smoke, dust mites, pet dander and pollen that can make the indoor air pure to inhale. There are many air purifier available in the market, which you can pick according to your taste and preferences. Amongst the wide brands, Kent air purifiers are regarded as the best and today here we would discuss on Kent Aura air purifier.

Some of the features of Kent Aura Air Purifier:


  • KENT Aura air purifier is an elegantly designed model that is suitable to be used in homes and offices. It has a pedestal mode of installation that is extremely convenient to use. In addition to this, the air purifier has three different speed levels of operation that you can select accordingly.
  • Kent Aura HEPA air purifier is suitable for installation in the room size up to 270 sq. ft. and can help in making the air pure, healthy and pollution free.
  • The purifier uses HEPA technology to remove all the hazardous pollutants. It also uses three stage purifying mechanisms that are Impact, Interception, and Diffusion in order to catch as well as trap the pollutants larger than 0.3 microns. With the help of this technology, it can easily remove the dust mites, pollen, pet dander and even the tobacco smoke from the indoor air.
  • The purifier can effectively remove 2.5 particulate matters and even the SPM from the indoor air. Besides, with the help of the activated carbon filter that is added to it, the purifier can also successfully absorb any kind of odor that is present in the air.
  • KENT Aura Air purifier has ionizer added in it that can also help in improving the freshness in the air. It can release the negative ions that force the pollutants to stick on the wall of the room and makes the room air fresh.
  • The mentioned air purifier also has an inbuilt sensor that is also called as an intelligent air quality monitoring system. It has air quality LED display that indicates the air quality in three colors, where blue stands for excellent, pink stands for good, and red stands for poor.


In order to ensure that your room is free from dust and pollutants, you can use Kent HEPA air purifier, which can not only remove allergens but even the PM 2.5 particulates and SPM as well. The best thing about this purifier is that it has a ultra-fine filter that can easily catch 99.7% of pollutants from air and make the room 100% pollutant free.

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