Air Pollution

Top 5 Effects of Air pollution on Kids

Effects of air pollution on kids

Air pollution is a serious concern all over the world and everyone is aware of the hazardous consequences of poor air quality on your health. No matter where you live, the deteriorating air quality impacts have a negative effect on your health. Though air pollution affects people of all age groups, kids are at a higher risk than adults. According to a report by the World Health Organization, globally 93% of children are living in an environment where the air pollution level is above the WHO guidelines. Taking into consideration the alarming situation, the blog mentions the top 5 effects of air pollution on kids’ health.



The harmful chemicals present in the air lead to severe headaches. Due to the elevated level of air pollutants, many children feel sluggish, especially when they are involved in some physical activities. Air pollution also causes the eyes to burn, sore throat, which will also end up with a headache.

Premature birth

premature birth

Poor air quality not only impacts the young kids but also the unborn baby. Many studies show that if pregnant women are exposed to air pollution it may result in premature birth, low birth weight, and mortality. Pregnant women are recommended to avoid exposure to poor air quality during the early and late stage of their pregnancy.

Asthma Triggers

Small child using his inhaler device for asthma

If the children are suffering from asthma, the air contaminants such as ozone mainly found in smog worsen the situation by aggravating asthma attacks. Air pollutants irritate the airways, making it difficult for children to breathe properly and cause many respiratory diseases.

Reduced Lung Function


Children breathe at a faster rate than adults, which means they breathe-in more pollutants at a faster rate. This is the reason why long-term exposure to air pollution reduces lung capacity and leads to lung damage.

Brain Development

Brain development

Air pollution also causes severe damage to your child’s brain development. The ultrafine air contaminants present in the air enter the bloodstream, travel to the brain and damage brain tissues. This can lead to lifelong complications.

How you can protect your child from air pollution

Considering the negative effects of air pollution on kids, it’s necessary to take the right steps and keep kids safe. Here what you do to safeguard them from air pollution

  • Limit their exposure to air pollution by letting them stay inside the home during peak pollution hours. Pollution levels are at the peak from 4-8 AM and late evening.
  • Provide them a healthy and balanced diet to strengthen their immune system to fight against any illness.
  • Use air pollution mask to go outside
  • Drink lots of water detoxify and flush out the toxin from the body
  • Avoid smoking inside the home
  • Keep your indoor clean
  • Install an air purifier in your home to improve indoor air quality

Children are not capable of fighting against air pollution, therefore, it is essential to take necessary steps to avoid them breathe dangerously polluted air. Managing the outdoor pollution is not easy as it has reached to a very high extent. But you can improve the air quality inside your home by installing a HEPA air purifier. Make sure you choose the best air purifier for your home as no compromise should be done when it comes to the health of your children.