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Preventive Ways to Avoid Air Pollution During Diwali Festival  

Preventive Ways to avoid air pollution during Diwali Festival

Diwali is the most famous and largely celebrated festival in India. Diwali is the festival that signifies the triumph of good over evil. This festival brings happiness, excitement, and celebratory spirit among all the people. However, from last few years, we are causing harm than good on this auspicious day.  Every year it becomes more difficult to breathe fresh air during Diwali festival. Heavy smoke, masses of utilized explosives and papers is the thing which is left after the festival celebrations are over. This is not only harmful to the environment but also put people’s health at stake.


The celebration may seem to be fun, but their consequences are not. The air contamination has reached to a very dangerous level. Therefore it is highly important that we celebrate the festival of lights responsibly without harming the environment.

Ways to avoid Air Pollution during Diwali Festival

Here are few ways to celebrate Diwali and avoid Diwali pollution which is noiseless, smokeless, and safe for all.


Avoid burning firecrackers

Say no to crackers

The maximum pollution occurs during Diwali is caused by burning crackers. The toxin released by burning crackers makes it difficult to breathe. The pollutants are also associated with many respiratory diseases. The loud noises flashes from the burning crackers also give serious anxiety attacks to many people, animals and birds. Though it is quite difficult for many people to stop burning crackers, they should opt for an eco-friendly cracker that is made by recycled papers.  These crackers produced less noise within the limit that has been set by Central Pollution Control Board.


Use Diyas over electricity


Lighting up the whole house is the most important part of Diwali celebration. People lit up their house with lights bulbs for 1 week prior and then afterwards Diwali. Using electric bulbs during Diwali consumes lots of electricity. Instead of electric bulbs, you can opt for Diyas or earthen lamps. This will not only reduce the consumption of electricity but it will look prettier too.

Clean Up Your Own Mess

Clean up your mess

Burning crackers is bound to leave garbage behind. After the Diwali celebration, the roads are filled with garbage of paper and plastic. You must initiate to clean all the garbage that you make during the festival to reduce the pollution caused by the waste.

Use an efficient Air Purifier

KENT Aura Air Purifier

Since few years the level of air contamination is gradually increasing we cannot stop everyone polluting the air. But we can ensure that the air inside our home is free from all the harmful contaminants and give our loved ones healthy air to breathe. This can be only done by using an air purifier in our homes. You must opt for an air purifier that uses the HEPA technology as it is the most advanced and effective technology to remove all the possible contaminants from the air. You can buy KENT air purifier as they offer an excellent range of air purifiers and are certified from renowned labs of the world.

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Hope this will help you to celebrate this the festive season in more meaningful and delightful way without harming out Mother Nature.

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