KENT Alps Air Purifier

A Brief Guide on the Working of HEPA Filters

When looking for air purifiers, industry experts suggest opting for a product with a HEPA filter. Though many of us blindly buy a HEPA air purifier, we hardly give a thought to why we need to opt for an air purifier with HEPA filter. With the increasing amount of indoor air pollution, buying an air purifier is a necessity. However, choosing any random product will not meet your purpose. You need an air purifier which effectively traps the indoor air pollutants, which is why you need an air purifier with HEPA filter. To make an informed buying decision, you need to understand how air purifiers with HEPA filters work. In this blog, we discuss in detail the about HEPA filters present in air purifiers.

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Dust Mites

Dangers Associated with Dust Mites and Ways to Avoid Them

Dust mites are tiny creatures are commonly found on your couch, bed or carpets. Dust mites can easily thrive in our homes as they survive on our dead skin cells, and pet dander. These tiny creatures can uneasiness among people suffering from asthma and allergic reactions. Many people are extremely allergic to the droppings of dust mites which also triggers allergy and leads to allergic reactions. This is where HEPA air purifier can play a vital role in helping you breathe pure and prevent harmful allergic reactions. Read on to find out some easy ways to control dust mite allergy.

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5 Reasons that deteriorate Indoor air quality

5 Reasons you have Poor Indoor Air Quality at Home

Indoor air quality is 5-10 times more polluted than the outdoor air. Poor quality of indoor air is one of the main reasons of asthma triggers, breathing problems and also lead to long term breathing problems. However, many people don’t realize the fact that only vacuuming or washing will not keep the indoor air clean. The detergents, cleaning products that you use and many home appliances also lead to indoor air pollution. Most of us are not aware of these sources of indoor air pollution. So, to help you out, we discuss a few areas in your home that need regular cleaning to avoid indoor air pollution.

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