Trap Small Pollutant Particles from Air with HEPA Air Purifier

Air pollution in India is considered as a serious issue and it is caused from different sources and these are fuel adulteration, traffic congestion, vehicle emission and many others particulate pollution. These are outdoor air pollution, but, do you know compared to outdoor pollution, indoor air pollution is very dangerous. Regular exposure to such particulate matter for a long time can easily lead to harmful problems to your body. Continue reading “Trap Small Pollutant Particles from Air with HEPA Air Purifier”

Best Air purifier in India 2017

Best Air Purifier in India 2017

Are you worried about the rising air pollution in your cities? Whether you like it or not living in big cities means you and your family is being exposed to many harmful air pollutants every day. Especially in the cities like Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. In fact WHO has announced Delhi as the most polluted city in the world? The air in Delhi recorded alarming rates of harmful small particulates known as PM2.5.  With such an increasing rate of air pollution diseases such as asthma, Lung cancer, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), respiratory issues are becoming very common in young children and elder people. The most significant way to fight air pollution is wearing a mask while going outside and running the best air purifier for home. Continue reading “Best Air Purifier in India 2017”

need an air purifier for home

Why do you need an Air Purifier for Home?

Most of the people take the air that they breathe for granted, but are not aware that the quality of air can have a massive impact on their health. We all are exposed to polluted air, but the impact depends on many factors such as age, immunity, health etc. No one is aware that how much polluted air can they tolerate? The solution to this problem can be best resolved by being well-informed. The matter of the fact is that indoor air quality is much worse than outdoors and air purifier for home is the best way to cure it. Continue reading “Why do you need an Air Purifier for Home?”