Air Pollution – Know the Risks And Prevention

Air pollution is the biggest problem that people faces daily. It is the mixture of both solid and gases substances in the air, which when inhaled can cause serious health effects. People who have heart and lung disease are at greater risk from air pollution. No doubt that there are thousands of pollutants present in the air, which can impact your health but, as per EPA there are 6 deadly and most dangerous air pollutants. The harmful pollutants that are present in the air are Ozone, Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxides and Lead.

There are different causes and risks of air pollutions. Go through the infographic that can help you understand the risks and prevention of air pollution.

Air Pollution - Know the Risks & Prevention


Delhi-NCR are facing the deteriorated air quality

Scared About Pollution Level? KENT Aura Air Purifier Can Be Your Savior

The dust storm is currently the talk of the town and for the last three days, people of the Capital city Delhi-NCR are facing the deteriorated air quality. The dust storm has severely affected the city and as a result, the city’s air quality index has measured significantly higher than the safe level. The concentration of PM 10 and PM 2.5 has also risen to an alarming rate, where the former was dangerously high compared to the later. These particles often get settled in your lungs and as a result, can trigger emergency health warning resulting in the risks of respiratory disorder.

The deteriorated air quality is due to the dust storm that is caused by anti-cyclonic wind from Rajasthan. The dusty atmosphere results lowered visibility in the region. As per the experts, the condition is likely to become better by Saturday. But it is important that you take the first step towards protecting yourself from such condition. When you are outdoors, make sure that you wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose and avoid walking near construction sites.

How to Stay Protected Yourself When you are Indoor?

You might feel that you are safe from air pollution when you are in your home but, that is not true. People who spend their time indoors can experience a number of ailments like allergies, asthma, and respiratory diseases. The indoor air is much more polluted and dangerous compared to the air outside. Improving outdoor air quality is hard, but you can improve the indoor air to breathe the pollution free air. Want to know how you can stay in a pollution free atmosphere? Well, the answer is using an air purifier. Installing an air Purifier can be a smart solution to this problem.

There is a wide range of air purifiers in the market, but always prefer to opt for a branded model. KENT Aura HEPA air purifier is one such names that can filter out all the harmful impurities from air ensure the air inside the room is pure, healthy & pollution free.

How Can KENT Aura HEPA Air Purifier Be Helpful?

KENT Aura Air Purifier

KENT Aura comes with HEPA technology that can help in to remove all kind of hazardous pollutants. HEPA that is High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor is a filter that can remove 99% of particles from the air thereby making it fit for breathing. KENT Aura HEPA Air Purifier uses three-stage mechanism namely Impact, Interception and Diffusion. Owing to this mechanism the purifier catches and traps pollutants like dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and tobacco smoke. It can also trap pollutants that are larger than 0.3 micron.

Filtration Process Used to Filter Pollute Air

KENT Aura HEPA Air Purifier uses 4 stage of purification process to trap the impurities from air and make it free from pollutants. The first stage is the Pre-filter that acts a first line of defence. This pre-filter traps large particulate matters from air like cob webs, human or pet hair, debris and sand particles. The second stage a specially treated carbon filter is added, which can effectively trap the pollutants like VOC, odour/ foul smell, gases, hydrocarbons and etc. from the air.

In the third stage, KENT Aura air purifier comes added with antibacterial coated HEPA Filter that can trap 99% SPM. The HEPA filter can also remove indoor carcinogen particles such as PM 2.5, pollen, allergens, and cigarette smoke particles as well. The fourth stage is ionizer that disperses electrically charged ions to improve the air quality and freshen up the room air.

The Bottom Line

Presently, the quality of air is getting deteriorated and this is making difficult to breathe. It is not just for a day that you should take care of yourself, when it comes to breathing pure air. Think about a permanent solution that can let you stay safe from air pollution. Installing air purifier i.e. KENT Aura is one solution, which can filter out all the harmful pollutants from air that would make you breathe fresh air. The air purifier comes with intelligent air quality monitor. It comes with inbuilt sensor and air quality LED display that indicate the air quality inside the room. The indicator indicates the air quality by three colours, where blue is for excellent, pink is for good, and red is for poor.

What else can we do to stay safe from air pollution? Share your thoughts below in the comment box.

Diseases Caused Due to Air Pollution

Air pollution is the most problematic and the major environmental effect that leaves a big imprint on human health. It is the main cause of several life-threatening effects. The most dangerous aspect of air pollutant is that everyone in the world is exposed to it and we need it to survive. Breathing polluted air creates a risk for human health and high exposure to it can affect lungs and respiratory systems. The people working and living near the source of air pollutants, for instance, industrial and vehicular emissions are mostly exposed to the harmful effects of air pollution. As per World Health Organization, approximately 2.7 million people die each year from the diseases caused by air pollution. Continue reading “Diseases Caused Due to Air Pollution”


How Air Pollution Can Affect Ecosystem?

Air pollution means the presence of toxic chemicals in the air, which is probably the most serious environmental problem that is challenging the civilization today. It is mainly caused by human activities that include construction, transportation, mining, industrial work and many others. However, there are many other causes of air pollution too and that includes volcanic eruptions, wildfires and etc. There are different causes and effects of air pollution and in this blog, we will focus on environmental impacts of air pollution. Continue reading “How Air Pollution Can Affect Ecosystem?”


World’s Most Polluted Cities are in India – WHO Latest Report

Air pollution is an invisible killer and is a serious threat to the human race. Every year, due to the harmful air quality/poor air condition thousands of people dies throughout the world. It is due to the exposure to air pollution that leads to stroke, heart diseases, lung cancer and even chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. In this concern, World Health Organization stated that 2.4 million deaths are registered throughout the world every year due to heart diseases. 1.8 million People die due to lung cancer and 1.4 million dies due to strokes. The only reason is due to inhaling of polluted air. Continue reading “World’s Most Polluted Cities are in India – WHO Latest Report”

World-Asthma-Day 2018

World Asthma Day 2018: Raise Awareness To Control Airway Disease

World Asthma Day is widely celebrated throughout the world with an aim to spread the knowledge about it. This event is also annually organized in order to increase awareness and make the common mass understand the precautions and preventions of asthma. Celebrated at the 1st Tuesday of the month of May, World Asthma Day 2018 has a theme that is Never Too Early, Never Too Late. It explains that it is always the right time to check and put a halt to airways diseases. The theme states the process to evaluate symptoms of asthma at the early stage and take actions to make sure that it is controlled. Continue reading “World Asthma Day 2018: Raise Awareness To Control Airway Disease”

Possible Things To Happen If We Don’t Stop Air Pollution

Possible Things To Happen If We Don’t Stop Air Pollution

Air pollution is a serious problem that not only affects the environment but also your health. Even if we stay indoors, we are surrounded by air pollutants coming from different sources. The air that we breathe is contaminated with a number of pollutants. Indoor air pollutants such as molds, pollens, and cigarette smoke, as well as household products like paint, pesticides contaminate the indoor air.

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Comparison Between Kent Magic Car Air Purifier and Honeywell Move Pure air purifier

Car Air Purifier Comparison: KENT Magic Vs Honeywell Move Pure

Our job and business take us to a different place and this involves a lot of traveling. Where there is traveling, there is always a high chance that you are going to get exposed to a lot of pollutants like dust, car emissions and even smoke from industries. These pollutants can seriously lead to different respiratory diseases. It may turn to be worst for those who already have the respiratory disorders. Although in your car, you have air-conditioning system, which filters air, it might not be able to clear out harmful pollutants. So, here comes the need to car air purifier, which can trap all the pollutants including dust, smoke, pollen, etc.

There are different brands of car air purifier in the market and to make your selection a bit easier, here’s a brief comparison between KENT Magic Car air purifier and Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier.

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indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoor

Indoor Air Pollution can be worse than Outdoor

The air we breathe is not pure and healthy. There are harmful toxic petrol fumes and carbon dioxide emissions. This makes a sufficient reason for you to stay indoors, where you might think you are safe. However, many of us are not aware of the fact the indoor air pollution is more harmful than outdoor pollution.

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Alps Plus Air Purifier

KENT Alps+ Review- What Makes it One of the Most Sought-After Air Purifiers in India?

Air pollution has become a rising concern in India. With an increasing number deaths and health problems, it has become necessary to take the right steps to prevent air pollution. In addition to being concerned about outdoor pollution, indoor air pollution is also a serious concern. Allergies, breathing problems and asthma are some of the serious health problems caused by indoor air pollution. The only way to overcome these problems is by installing an air purifier. Among the different air purifiers available in India, KENT Alps+ has become one of the most sought-after products. The air purifier received a very positive review from Financial Express, which is one of the famous business dailies in India. So, if you too are planning to buy an air purifier, here is a detailed review about KENT Alps+ Air Purifier.

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